Buy Office Depot Top Selling Products Online


The office depot is the best American retailer, which supply furniture, mobile, computer and other accessories in school, homes and offices.

To start your purchase, follow the mentioned steps:

Steps to Start

  • Click on the link to access the website.
  • As the window appears, now you could see the list of company office items displayed on the page. You need to select your choice of product from the website as available.
  • Click on the product of your choice as available to start the purchasing process on this website.
  • A new window will appear, which displayed the product features,price and other related information as well under the image of your selected product.
  • The price of the product is mentioned above the image of the product. You need to enter the quantity of your selected product in the box as given.
  • The details of the quantity with the price will be displayed as you selected or enter the quantity details in the step 5.
  • Choose the option,whether you want to subscribe for this product for life timeor on monthly or you want one time delivery of this product. If it is available with the options in the window. Every product requires a different choice of selection for the product purchase.
  • Click the button “Add to Cart” as available with the purchase form. If you need to purchase more items, then click on the “Add to List” button mentioned in the form to select more items from the available list.
  • On the next page, it will display more items which belong to the your selected item list. If you want to purchase more items from that available list, then click on the item and provide their quantity information in the boxes as given to each of the list items. If you are done, then click on the “continue to cart” button as available to move towards the next step.
  • In the next window, provide your ordered item number and the quantity again in their respective fields. This information would be displayed with your selected item image.
  • Click on the Add to Cart button again to start the next step.
  • On the next window, the user need to pay to this online shopping on the products. If you are not a registered member of this website, then click on the “register” button mentioned at the corner of the window. If you are already a registered member then click on the login and provide all your registered accounts required information in the login form.

In case of further assistance and query about these purchases of items, contact the representatives on live chat or on their contact phone numbers mentioned on the website.


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