Brentwood Residents Raise serious questions regarding their Water Quality


Residents are questioning about the quality of their tap water after samples that were recently tested showed positive results for coliform. They are wondering why they were never contacted directly by their water supply company.

On Friday last week, three water samples were collected which turned positive for the dangerous bacteria according to Mr. Bruce Spaulding who is a consulting engineer in Williamson County.

Water samples were taken from meters that are located on Pin Oak Lane, St Joseph’s Court and Turner Lane and taken for testing. The samples were also collected from other source which is spread all over the county.

However, more samples which were taken from the above sources Sunday showed negative results for coliform, a bacteria which naturally occurs in soil.


The availability of the bacteria is a clear sign that there could be other dangerous organisms in the water which could cause disease and illness. If ingested at high levels, coliform could be a serious health risk.

Although the water quality scare didn’t affect many people, residents have wondered as to why their utility company did not inform them directly.

A statement that was posted in the website of the district didn’t mention the name Coliform and did not even warn the residents about the possible danger which their water poses. The note that was posted carried reference to discolored water which the residents had reported earlier in the week.

“We will continue flushing the lines until the time when the problem is fully resolved. We will also take water samples for testing and ensure that the water is safe for drinking,” read part of the message.

While discolored water is not very good, it doesn’t imply that it is not safe

However, with or without the term coliform mentioned, residents have found really been affected by the high level of contamination which has occurred on their water.

As soon as news of water contamination resurfaced, residents Saturday rushed to the shops to buy bottled water.

“Why are we not drinking our tap water? Because we do not want to be sick.”

The HOA notice which was provided warned people against drinking water from their taps until when they are notified.

However, residents were notified of the fact that the water was safe for laundry and dishwashing at high temperatures.

Some people also said they don’t think they will trust the water utility company because of the conflicting information which they get. Tomanek, a resident said that he is very much scared to drink the water, unless they are notified otherwise.

The utility district has claimed that it is trying to reach the affected residents. The officials said that some employed came to the office Saturday night to dial the affected customers.

But several of the water users say that they never received call from the water company. Some of this responsibility was left to HOA which accepted to spread the message to the residents who were affected.

One employee said “we have made several phone calls and I don’t know why we couldn’t reach some residents.”

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