Body Found In Inaccessible Oregon Wastewater System


A strange incident happened in the Eugene, OR wastewater system during the previous month where a body was found in the inaccessible parts of the wastewater system which caused worrying situation among the authorities of the city and wastewater operators. Due to the tension created by this mysterious situation, Police has been found focused on the investigation and the work was stopped as well.

The incident happened when the process for the removal of grease and debris from the wet well of wastewater was going on for its maintenance. This process of maintenance is done with a help of a pump truck and the well from which grease and debris are to be removed, is almost 10-feet wide while the length of the well is 28 feet and its depth is 26 feet.

Employees working in the wastewater project were disturbed by seeing such kind of thing happening during their work and they shared their views about the incident of finding of the body. Wastewater operations manager for the city of Eugene, Dave Breitenstein was also upset due to that. He said that in his 32 years of career, this was never happened before.

In Eugene-Springfield, almost 20 million gallons of wastewater which comes from the kitchens and bathrooms on daily basis is controlled by the management authorities through 800 miles of water piping. The pipe starting from homes has a diameter of about 8 inches which is then transmitted into bigger line which have the diameter of around 72 inches.


Authorities are surprised that how this kind of incident can happen in the presence of such secure systemand such big thing can enter the wastewater which always has a tight security in shape of fence or vaults which cannot benot easily accessed. If someone wants to enter large material of such size, it can only be entered by normal means of service or by someone discharging them down the drain. This kind of security can show the isolation of the wastewater collection process from anything else as it is completely closed

This is one of the weirdest incidents despite of security which is the actual reason making the event weird. Investigations are still being done to know how this body can enter that wastewater station and who is behind that. Police is hopeful that they will know everything very quickly and unveil the report as well.

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