Blue Green Algae Has Been Found in The Lake Water – A Serious Threat for The dogs


A dog died due to the presence of toxins in the lake water this week. This sudden death of the dog made everyone cautious about the health of humans and animals as the reason because of which the incident happened is expected to be the blue green algae toxins; Health officials were given the news about this death by a veterinarian and MCPAWS which is a Regional Animal Shelter in McCall, Idaho gave warning to the general public via Facebook about the algae bloom that might became the reason of the death of a dog at the well-known Payette Lake. The post from MCPAWS was;

“Please be aware: this toxic algae may be in bloom early (now) near Ponderosa State Park on Payette Lake. Unfortunately, someone in our community lost their dog because of this yesterday.”

They have been blaming the algae bloom for the incident but on the other hand, state regulators are not yet sure about that as they said that they have not received any evidence which could ensure that the cause of the death was that. The area where the dog was drinking water had neither high concentration of algae nor they found any proof of the bloom.

According to Stephanie Jenkins who is a senior watershed analyst for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality have also showed that there is no surety regarding the bloom as the water was clear when it was checked. Samples have been taken by her and wait for the result is being done and there is no expectation for such kind of result.


The Pet Poison Helpline, a safety service for animals gave explanations about the blue green algae which is also called cyanobacteria. According to the service, it can be a threat for the dogs, cats, cows, horses and birds from a moderate level which can go to the severity. Further explanations were given according to which all the blooms are toxic in nature for the animals and even a small concentration of algae present in the water can lead to the deadly poisoning. The exposure of blue green algae is happened mostly when the dogs are found swimming in the water and playing in the lakes.

These toxins are not only harmful for the animals but also according to the federal centers for Disease Control, humans may also face problems from the cyanobacteria or blue green algae and it is serious threat to the human health.

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