Biggest DRP Program In The Country Is Being Tested By El Paso


A new system for the purification of the water is under examination in El Paso by which direct portable reuse program would be allowed to use the recycled water for the irrigation of the crops and land of the public.

Wichita Falls the city of Texas was one of the first cities in U.S. which made available the recycled wastewater for the residences. Around 10 million gallons of water will be provided in El Paso because of this recycled water program. It is about 6 percent of the quantity that is the daily demand of the city. The estimation has been demonstrated by the marketing manager of El Paso Water Utilities, Christina Montoya.

She further told about the process that it is the wastewater that actually comes from the sinks, showers, dishwashers, homes and toilets. When the hot summer season is at the peak and air conditioners of the people are running, this is the time when the use of water is the most. This makes the things difficult for the utilities and they cannot fulfill the demands of the customers completely.

The description of the recycled water program has been given by KPMG according to which the project of El Paso will be the biggest if the regulators of the state approve it and let it to be initiated. Some cities of the state have already place the same systems and the cities include Midland and Big Spring.


Grey water is being run by the El Paso Water Utility at the small point plant in which a process of 4 steps is involved called Direct Portable Reuse. The process includes microfiltration, UP exposure, reverse osmosis and carbon filtration. The process does not take long time and through this process, recycled water can be put quickly into the supply of drinking water within hours.

The recycling of water has involved some factors like there is a yuck factor due to which some people called it a disgusting process but still there is enough support from the communities in both the cities Wichita Falls and Big Spring which makes it simpler unlike it was expected. So no opposition from the public has been seen in this entire process since its start.

General Manager of Colorado River Municipal Water District, John Grant said that the reason of the acceptance from the public is the situation of terrible drought through which most of the parts of the country. They have to support this program to make the water available for them according to their demands.


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