Best Water Filters Of 2018

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis is one of the purest forms of filtration that leaves the water “living”. That means that the RO process removes almost all of the contaminants but leaves plant based minerals so the water is not aggressive to the body. Reverse osmosis or RO systems come in various stages normally 3 to 5 stages and they typically have a storage tank and a faucet so that you always have clean water waiting for you at your sink. The RO process removes everything from Cholorine to Arsenic, radon, and cadmium.
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Best Whole Home Water Filter

Why not have clean filtered water at every tap in the house!  Whole home water filters are great at giving you clean water all over your home.  Many people don’t want a piece on their faucet or a shower filter that doesn’t match the decor of the bathroom.  Whole home systems can fit almost any budget and size requirements.  There are small whole home systems that can fit in a laundry room or large multi-tank systems.  For the best results you should pair the whole home water filter system with a separate system at your sink.  You want your drinking water to be as clean as possible.  Having your water filtered of most contaminants before being filtered for drinking reduces the stress on your drinking water filter while giving you better results.
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Best Distillation Water Filter

Distilled water is about as pure as you can get water.  The distillation process removes almost all of the impurities.  This water can however be aggressive to the body and should be replenished with minerals before drinking.  Water distillers have come a long way.  They used to far to big to be practical for home use but now you can get a distillation water filter that fits on your counter.
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Best Water Filter Pitcher

Water filter pitchers are a great way to get clean filtered water if you aren’t able to put in an RO or whole home filtration system.  These filter pitchers are relatively inexpensive for the basic models but there are higher priced units that can filter out bacteria and even reduce fluoride.  Be sure to compare what the various units remove as well as what replacement filters cost.  Most water filtration pitchers produce a liter or two of water and take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to filter the water.  They are great for apartments and travel.
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Best Shower Water Filter

Chlorine and Chloramines can wreak havoc on your hair and skin.  These are the primary chemicals found in your tap water.  This is the same water you bathe and shower in.  The cause of many peoples dry skin and brittle hair can be attributed to showering.  The solution is simple.  Get a shower water filter.  There are shower filters available for all budgets.  Some filters simply put a carbon block in the shower head itself while others are complete units that hang down and remove more than just chlorine.  For women and men that color their hair, adding a shower filter can lengthen the time between needing to color their hair.
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Best Alkaline Water Filter

Alkaline water has many health benefits when taken properly.  There are various processes to how the higher pH is achieved and this will be reflected in the size and price of the unit.  It is very important to make sure you get a high quality Alkaline water machine because you want to make sure they have very good pre-filtration.  When you alter the pH of water you want to make sure the water used is very pure.  Be sure to look for a multi stage alkaline water filter.  There are even bottled waters available with higher pH levels.
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Best Carbon Block Water Filter

Carbon block water filters are the least expensive filters on the market.  They are really for taste an odor elimination.  In most higher end filtration systems the carbon block is one stage of many.  Basic carbon filtration is still much better than just drinking tap water in most places.  While just a carbon block filter wouldn’t be recommended for drinking water most shower filters are basic carbon blocks.  Carbon block water filters are very good at removing chlorine.
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