Benefits Of The Staples Reward Program


The Staples company is the American best retail store which offers its valued customers the best office supplies in the Canada. Since 1986, from the launch of this company, it has provided the best quality of office appliances and services which ease your professional life. The company has almost 3856 stores around the world. With its best services and high quality products like office furniture, IT consulting, Hardwares, Electronics and others, now the company has more than 2000 stores working successfully in almost 26 countries around the globe.

Special Bonus Plans

The company has provided its customers with the best reward program which helps them to earn more than 5% points on every purchase they have made from the company items. The user could use this special service for everything except the saving points, gift cards and stamps. With this amazing program, the user could get the free shipment on the company products in their online shopping cart.

  • Base Members

The members who avail this special service offered with the other products of the company could get back almost 2% of the purchase amount as a bonus excluding charges applied to the stamps, phone cards, coupons and others. This could be faced in the third party websites, where the payments are made for the online shopping of the items offered by this company.

  • Plus members

Being the plus member of this program, the user could get back almost 3% in every item they purchased excluding charges applied to the delivery, gift and phone cards, postage stamps and others from the third party websites.

  • Premier members

If you are the premium member of this special program, then you will be lucky to get the 5% cash back on every purchase of the products offered by the company to its members. This will exclude the taxes applied on the postage stamps, gift and postpaid phone card, delivery charges and others from the third party websites.

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