Beijing Rolled Up Sleeves To Fight Against Contaminated Water


The world largest country China is ready to fight against the contaminated water in the country. In BEIJING, the Minister of Health and Environment has launched their future action plans against the poor quality of water and to protect the country’s water resources, certain rules and policies are planning to implement on the causes of the water pollution in the country. For several years, the highly polluted water is rapidly effecting on the economic growth of the country. The polluted water is also damaging the human as well as wildlife in the country. The food which needs water to grow is also piled up with bacterias and other harmful diseases.

According to the plan imposed by the Government, that in coming month the industries who are the source of this water pollution in the country should not discharged their harmful chemicals and other toxic stuff into the water. The industries like Dye and Paper Mills have to pay penalties if they ever violate the law and keep discharging their toxic substance which is the root cause of the water pollution in the water.

In a latest survey, the report on the China’s river Basin has revealed that the 60 % of water on the Basin and in the underground level are contaminated water, which occurred due to these harmful chemicals and paper mills discharged in those areas of the river. In a health report, collected in the different parts of the country predict, that the increase in water pollution in the country is a serious threat to the person’s health and the food which are distributed in those water pollutant areas. This is also a serious threat to the sea life and the seafood which is consumed by most of the population of the China.

This strategic plan to clean the water and save the life’s of the animals as well as human is anticipated to be certified soon with the agreement of the Cabinet in the coming months. The authorities want approval to take the legal actions against the responsible authorities and polluters in the country.


In a press conference, the executive VP of Orginwater Mr He Yuanping said :

“The plan will be a warning alarm to the local authorities who are not interested to protect water. This will help us to evacuate the region partition which is the failure of water business treatment and its growth. It is seriously effecting on the economic growth of the country”.

This plan will cost much then expected. In a latest report showed by the Yuanping. It seems that the treatment of water contamination is almost more than $323 billion, which is equal to 2 trillion yuan. It includes the total investment cost plus the assets which are owned by the locals of the Governments.

According to the experts, the urban life in China will improve with such water protection plans and control the toxic discharge for the industries into the lakes, rivers or in underground water which could also expand its infrastructure in the rural areas.

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