Bangor’s Waterfront A Harmonious Or A Noisy Project


The city of Britian Bangor’s becomes the most irritating and the noisy waterfront for the residents of the city. Last Saturday, the Waterfront of the Darling Pavilion commence its concerts of the summer, which is the return of the Rise Above Fest. The concert was a day-long, which feature of the famous metal bands in a lineup. The place was always the known for their musical nights with the metal bands and it is appreciated by most of the audience, which are staying in the same area. The people like to turn on their favorite metal band tunes since past several years. Now the residents of the Bangor have complained about the irritating sounds and the noisy music concerts, which is quite high as compared to the other concerts which are held in the city.

The officials of the city have announced their opinion against the concerts on receiving the plenty of complaints from the residents of the Bangor on Monday. According to the latest record, there are almost more than 86 complaints, which are launched against the concerts for the residents. The ratio of the complaint is quite less than the year 2014, which received almost 124 complaints against the Rise Above Fest.

The complaints against the noisy concerts which are part of the Bargons Waterfront was started since the Waterfront launched in the city in the year 2010. To cope with the situation, the authorities of the Bangor have hired the consultants of the audio system of the Massachusetts from the company like Acentech. The main purpose was to find the balance for the level of the audio noise, which should be acceptable to the residents of the Bangor and wouldn’t affect their quality of life. Such powerful decisions would help the Waterfront to maintain the entertainment factor and keep attracting the audience with their unique metal band music and the concerts. The concerts in the Pavilion are the most attractive venue not only for the audience, but also for the musicians, who like to perform in the Bargon City. The city is like a small town and such entertaining facilities are always inspiring the people who stayed within the city.

To cope with the noise situation and maintaining the balance in the sound limit is quite tricky and difficult for the authorities.


According to the estimated figure of the noise, which is produced by the rock concert is almost between the average measure, which lies between the 108 to the 114 decibels. This average of the music sound is as much loud and noisy, as we heard a noise inside the steel mill and much louder than the jackhammer. If we compare these audio measures, then the normal conversation of the sound is almost 60 decibels,while a highway interstate has measures of the 76 decibels. Interestingly, a cry baby has the 115 decibels of the sound which causes the pain to the ears between the 115 to the 140 decibels.

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