Baltimore Has Been Criticized of Its Water Shutoffs Policies


Water utilities and the authorities in few states have been taking measures to make consumers pay the bills. Many consumers are using water excessively even the country is facing drought situation and they are not able to pay their bills. City of Baltimore is also engaged in taking some aggressive steps against the people who are not paying their water bills for which they have criticized as well. Baltimore has to receive an approximate amount of $40 million collectively for their bills and to do that, notices to more than 25000 customers have been sent. If they do not pay their bills, their supply will be cut off. It has been cleared by the officials that water shutoff will be implemented to those customers who have dues of over $250 dating back a minimum of half a year. Supply will be turned off after 10 days of the notice if still the dues remain unpaid.

Such aggressive steps caused the politicians to speak against the city authorities that it has been humiliating for the lower income people. They should be given relaxation as they are not in a position to pay their bills and the authorities of the state should cooperate with them.

Congress men who have showed concern for the poor people of the city and passed a statement in which it was said that Baltimore has been following the city of Detroit whose authorities were involved in treating lower income people this way by using inhuman manner. They further said that city has done this despite of resistance shown by the public and it is not a right thing to care about profits only. It is the basic need of the people and their right to have access to the water. They should be deprived of their right.

City councilors have also accused the city that it has been involved in making delinquency policies which are implemented only against the individuals while the businesses are free to work and no actions have been taken yet against them despite of their dues over $15 million in the water bills which include more than 350 commercial businesses, non-profits and government offices.


A resolution has been introduced by one of the councilor who had 15 other members with him in this resolution as well, according to which people are supposed to pay their bills or the agency cannot shut off the water of the public until the collections from the commercial customers who need to pay more than $15 million, is completely done.

The step of this resolution is also correct as the authorities are taking partial decisions in case of collections of dues. They should take the measures to get the amount of dues in an impartial way and before taking any action against the individual consumers, commercial customers should be brought in to account first.

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