Award Goes To Corpus Christi For Best Water Conservation Plan


The South Texas city CORPUS CHRISTI which is also recognized as the Wichita Falls City, was awarded by the Government on maintaining the best plans for the conservation of water in the country. On Thursday, the award was for their Texas Water Program, which was held in the Corpus Christi city.

The city not only received the Award of Environmental Sustainability of Alan H. Plummer for the best management strategies which are implemented for the water resource conservation in the Wichita Falls, but also received a great Water Mark for the efforts of the communication through the “Water Report in City News” which is published. This award was received by the office of the public information about the city.

The Russell Schreiber, who is a Director of the Public Works in Wichita Falls and a Daniel Nix, who is the Operations Manager of Utilities have demonstrated their exceptional leadership strategies which identifies the implemented actions which are taken to maintain the supply of water in the city to fulfil the needs of the city. The plan was experimental and difficult as it needs to supply, the residents and the industries the adequate water supply in a one go.

Beside their good leadership skills in such water conservation techniques, they have also mentioned the critical situations of the Wichita Falls, whose residents have already faced during the natural hazard like drought in the city. The consequence of such condition is that a reduction of the water usage, which is almost reduced up to 45% through the effort taken for the conservation of water. The projects which are implemented for controlling the conditions are permanent pipeline project, direct reuse system, water flushed reusing system, which are done by the hydrants and the pipeline project which is implemented as a permanent. The recovery of the methane on River Road, which have Facility of recovery for the Water Resource and the reuse system development which is a potable directly installed second time is most deserving award projects started by the company to control the water conditions in the city.


According to the Russell Schreiber, the award should dedicate to the residents of the Wichita Falls city who have suffered a lot and give full support in making the projects successful.

He said in a reward ceremony that

“Really, this award is for the whole city of the Wichita Falls. We might be flipping switches and pulling strings, but it is due to the support of the city manager and the council. They were supportive of us during the whole project. With the cooperation and believe of the citizens of the, Wichita Falls in our projects in the water conservation, which was designed for the (reuse of potable direct) we become successful in our mission.”

According to the water conservation report about the City, which was developed by the Barry Levy, who is an officer of the public information and his team, to educate the residents about the conservation of the water techniques, drought lingering situations, and the effective 5 stages for the catastrophe Drought.

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