Austin Water Paying Back To The Customer As They Were Charged High Bills


Customers of Austin Water have been charged more bills than their use and now they have complained the water utility for the high bills in response to which they have been issued refund for the damaged water meter by the utility.

Large number of calls have been coming from the customers to the Austin Water and Austin Energy for the last few weeks regarding the high bills of water which are believed to be wrong. Still utility took the issue in the consideration and therefore accounts have been checked again and at least one credit has been issued by the utility to a customer.

Almost $1000 were received by one of the rate payers as a credit whose name is Jason Jepson. Water meter of Jepson was said to be damaged and it was not easy to read that is why it was replaced by the utility.

Jepson told that he was getting a bill for around 1,000 gallons of water per day which has been brought down and now it is 100 gallons a day. He believed that 3 separate credits are going to be received by him which would help him to lower down his bill continuously to the average what was actually being paid earlier.


Greg Meszaros who has been associated with Austin Water, told that there are thousands of customers who have been complaining about the high bills and interestingly the issue is on the side of the ratepayers themselves.

Despite of that the problems have not been ignored by the Austin Water and a public meeting was called by the Austin Water where concerns of the customers were attentively listened and guaranteed to be resolved. Almost 2 dozen ratepayers joined the meeting and put their issues in front of the utility officials. According to the officials, they do not believe in this prevailing issue but still inquiries are being done and the problems are being tried to be solved sooner.

The errors which were done by the utility in the billing have been disclosed by the report according to which on an earlier occasion the similar scenario had been seen when the people got bills that were 550 times their actual use because of the fault of the company. It was 2012 when the faults of the utility were revealed. The reason those cases occurred was the inaccurate readings made by the workers.

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