Create Discovery Education Online Student Account


Discovery Education is making its name by partnering with numerous schools of the United States so that the education system of the country can be transformed an easy and attractive one. The methods of teaching are tried to be transformed into the digital ways so that the students can learn in a manner that the education can be enjoyed by them. The website is providing the students with textbooks in digital form and curricular resources.

People Are Appreciating The Discovery Education Techniques

Above 50 percent schools of the country are the partners of Discovery Education now and through this partnership, number of students who are getting benefits have reached above 35 million along with 1 million educators.

Transition of the Learning Methods


Through the digital textbooks, the transition of teaching methods is being done and teachers are getting assistance in developing the methods that can grow the interest of the students towards the learning material. One of the services of Discovery Education is the streaming plus through which students are motivated to be involved in the learning. This techniques emphasizes the students to do some critical thinking so that they can be the decision makers.

Create Your Own account?

The first thing you need to get the passcode of your teacher to have access to the Discovery Education account. Passcodes are given to each school with a specific serial for the teachers.

  • As the passcode is obtained, you can create your account. For that, visit the official website by typing the
  • The page will let you the student account access online and enjoy the services of Discovery Education.
  • “Passcode/Create New User link” tab will be present at the top. You need to open that by clicking on there.
  • Now provide your personal information in the required boxes like name, address, phone number, email address etc.
  • Remember that you should have your user name of more than six characters and it should be different from the rest of the DE accounts users.
  • Avoid using your personal information like DOB and social security number in your username.

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