Arguments Over Fracking Ban


Fracking of the waste at different wastewater treatment plants has been planned to put a ban by EPA which is the reason of current criticism on the agency by the energy sector.

EPA has been criticized by the fuel companies calling it the short sightedness of the agency because they have no focus on the needs that are going to be for the longer period. According The Independent Petroleum Association of America,exceed in the bounds had been seen from EPA as they have put a complete ban on the fracking of wastewater plants. Instead the target should to remove the contaminants by using the technology by the process of fracking.

EPA argued that fracking process was in the use earlier but not now. Currently, there is no use of this process. Requests were found to be coming from few gas companies that is why the agency has made the regulation of avoiding this practice to resume.

Environment America’s Stop Drilling’s director, Rachel Richardson favored the step taken by EPA and said that the wastewater is very toxic and is the dirty water of the bath and that is discharged into the lakes and the rivers and ultimately we have to drink that water again. According to her, the step taken by EPA is very important and it is for the safety of the people from the fracking which is risky for the health of the people.


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