We are having the latest analytical machinery that can make the things appear in relatively small numbers, but the question is that are we searching for the right things?

This rhetorical statement was asked by Dr Shayne Snyder who is the co-director of the Arizona labs for the growing contaminants in water. He said this in a speech which was given to the manufacturers of the waste water equipments at the time of the final meeting of the firm.

Snyder was showing his worry about many of the chemicals that are found in overall water cycle and few of them are quite active in regulation. He also mentioned the weak points that are found in the testing of water.

The chemicals hold long term effects and causes full strictness. There are almost 80 million people and according to a survey, almost 15000 new chemicals are being produced every year.


The contaminants were quite in number and they are almost being found everywhere in water. When the quality of water was tested by the animals which is a process in which the testing is done in slow process and the method is quite unpopular.

It is quite dangerous that in the present time the water is so pollutant and what could be the reason of it. All the recent developments and few that are being supplied as the online monitors are being used in research. The future of the water quality will be considered in the laboratories and it was concluded by the results of testing.

If we use the latest technologies in the treatment of water then its quality will be improved and its flow will also increase with the help of online monitoring and the multiple barrier system.

The development in this way will lead to more areas with contaminated water but the best technology for the removal of contaminants will also help the plants to grow.

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