Arcadia City Officials To Vote For Restrictions Tuesday


Due to increased use of water and the devastating drought that is being experienced, Arcadia City officials are planning to vote for restrictions which will prohibit people from using water on non essential activities such as washing of sidewalks, watering lawns during hot hours. This is according to reports carried by NBC4.

The voting also ensures passage of laws that ensures that no water leakage occurs. It is expected that stringent measures will be passed on those who violate the water conservation regulations that are already in place or which will be put in place.

The leaders will be voting Tuesday night on a plan aimed at conserving water. This is in response to the high drought levels experienced in the state of California.

The plan has become necessary after the State-Water-Resources Board adopted an emergency conservation regulation as the state of California went through its third year of devastating drought.


Just like in other parts of California, the total amount of rainfall received in Arcadia is less by up to 60 percent and the measures that are to be adopted after the vote are aimed at preserving water resources as the current dry conditions drag on.

Residents of Arcadia were asked to reduce their water spending by 20 percent, but the city found out that usage had gone up by 1%. This phase one of restrictions follows voluntary restrictions that were adopted earlier this year and which the residents were asked to abide.

Among the mandatory prohibitions which were passed in phase one includes avoiding the washing of sidewalks, parking areas, driveways and walkways. Others are avoiding the watering of lawns and landscapes during times of the day when the sun is very hot, not allowing water to leak from the premises and restaurants avoiding serving drinking water unless where the customer asks for it.
However, some arcadia residents have devised some ways which they can adopt to save water.” We can save about 188,000 gallons annually by avoiding flushing the toilet half the times when we urinate,” says Bill Foulk.

If the new restrictions which are to be voted for Tuesday goes into effect, residents who break them will be forced to pay a penalty which is higher than the base amount that is provided to them.
Depending on the direction which the vote will take, residents who are caught on the wrong side could pay up to a $100 fine.

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