Apply Walmart Money Specialty Card Account Online


The Walmart is the American biggest discount store which is providing its valued users, the money back cards with other exciting offers and gifts.


The steps to apply for this card are as follows:

  • Use the url to select the card which is right for you.
  • The new page will show all the features which this type of card holds. You need to aware all the features and requirements which are needed for this card before applying online or through the store. The customer should know the charges which would be made on the purchase of this card.
  • You must read the features and the information which you could get with the purchase of this card from the available page. If you like to go further, then click the “find in Store” link to start the application process. This card is only applicable while visiting the store of the company.
  • As you need to search the store where you can apply for this card. You will access the store locator form on the next page as you clicked according to the above step. The locator will ask for the information which could guide the proper location of the company retailer.
  • So enter the Zip of your area code where you are located in the country. This will help to know whether there is any store which deals in such card service near you. Give the exact code of your location.
  • If you are not sure about the code of the state, where you are residing, then you need to enter the name of the city. This would also locate the retailers in the city and could be helpful for you to get a card.
  • Choose the state name from the list as uploaded on the website. This would scrutinize the search of the specific area where the retailer is located in the application of this money back card.
  • At the end, you could find the “search” button, so click on it to get the favorable results of your information which fills in the form fields.

As the customer gets the nearby store and the card application information, they could visit the site office to get the card from the company.


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