Apply Walmart Money Preferred Card Account Online


The United States best discount store Walmart is offering the money cards to its customers whose procedure of the application is simple.


There are the following steps which help the users to apply for this card service:

  • Check the url as given to open a card service account.
  • The clicked link will open the site which offers the different money cards to the valued customers. The card has special features which are mentioned with the image of the card. Make sure, you want all these features before start the application process.
  • Now you have two ways for the application of this card service. You can either go to the find in store option to first locate the nearby retailer, which offer this product, services or could apply online through the form which is uploaded by the company online.
  • Find in a Store

If you want to adopt this way for the application, then simply choose this option and go to the search bar as given to find the nearby retailer which deals in such card service.

  1. For this, give the Zip number which is a code of your area in the country. This is allotted to all the areas within the country.
  2. If you are unaware with the zip number, then use the next bar to enter the city name in the given box. The city name should be the current one to find the correct results.
  3. Select the name of a state from the list. If you are living within the U.S, then you could easily find this information from the list.
  4. “Search” tab will submit your details and provide the required results accordingly.
  • For Online

You can apply online for this service. The process is simple. Just go to the Online option on the link as given above. It will open a page for the online application for this card.

  1. There are two kinds of card which would be displayed. The Visa Card and the MasterCard. Select your choice of card from them.
  2. The selected card has further options which require to accept before access the form of the card. Go to the Continue option to access the next page form.
  3. Now fill the fields with the names, which you want to identify the account.It would be printed on the paper statements received from the bank.
  4. Give the correct home address without adding the P.O name in the field to get the delivery of the paper statements if required at your doorstep.
  5. Now enter the APT#, city name, state, email address and zip code in the next fields at all are tagged with their names. This information requires the valid data and it would be inquired later as you submit the application.
  6. Give the phone numbers of your personal use such as mobile, or home number. The inquiry about this provided data would be held through the numbers as given in this box.
  7. Give Birth date, PIN and SSN as the requirement of the last fields. These numbers require correct information with the careful entry in the boxes.
  8. The “continue” tab will complete the whole process of applying.

You would get the results of your applying soon from the company.

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