Apply Walmart Money Card Basic Account Online


Walmart , an American highly standard store is offering its customers the best card services which ease the payment process on the company products.


  • You need to find the url to select the card service from the web page.
  • The new window will list the all card which offered by the company with the descriptive information about their services. Keep in mind all the features, fee and other charges information which would be applied to this card before applying from the available link.
  • When you select the card type from the right side of the page which is mentioned in front of the descriptive information about the card. A more description will be sliding down, which requires whether you want to add money in this selected card. When you click Continue it will open the form which would be used for the card account on this selected card on the website.
  • Fill the boxes as given in the form with the details such as names which is First and last name of the person. This would be used for account identification.
  • Give the home address, which should be based on the current address. This should not include the P.O. Boxes.
  • Give the Apt# in the tagged box. This filed is mandatory to provide the correct information.
  • Write the city name in the next box as it mentioned with the name. This should be the updated name of the residential city.
  • Choose the appropriate answer for the State from the drop down. This should be located within the United States.
  • If you provide the correct zip code it will locate the correct area of the United States. The area code could help to locate state and the area code of your residence.
  • The email address entering is mandatory. This information will be verified at the end of this procedure. You should write the exact address as required.
  • To secure the account and for the confirmation of the email which you have provided in the previous steps, it is mandatory to enter again in the next box.
  • Some users don’t allow the notifications or updates from the company on their email addresses. If you want the deals and the other informational updates, then tick the box to get the updating feature.
  • Give phone numbers like mobile,office or others in two white boxes. This would help the company to get verification by calling on this number.
  • Given SSN and card Pin in the boxes. This information is important to be entered carefully as it identifies the person and also secure the account.
  • Enter date of birth in the fields. You should focus on the sequence in which it is mentioned on the website before enter this information.
  • “Continue” should be hit after reading and agreeing with all the disclaimer and the conditional statements posted by the company.

The company will contact you with confirmation about this user account.

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