Apply For The Citi Card With Reward Programs Online


The American best and the world top most bank holding companies are Citi Inc which offers its customers special credit cards and interesting reward. There are special points on each card which could be redeemed by all the card holders around the world.


  • Click on the link
  • As the window appears, now select your card from the category as mentioned i-e preferred, prestige, premium and others.
  • A new window will appear, it contains all the details of the card program Read carefully before submitting an application.
  • Click on the Apply Now button after you read carefully about your selected card.
  • An application form will be open. Now enter your “First Name” in the require field which you want to print on your card.
  • Enter your middle name initials in the optional field.
  • Enter your last name in the given box. This last name would be printed on the card with the first name.
  • Enter your suffix in the optional field.
  • As you entered your name details, now enter your mailing address in the given box. This postal address will receive delivery of your card.
  • Enter your valid phone number in the box as given. The number could be your office number or home number. Make sure you entered the correct phone number as the company member will contact you on your given phone number.
  • Enter your valid email address in the require field. The email address should be valid so that you could get updates and offers from the company.
  • Enter your date of birth in the field.
  • Enter your social security number in the given box.
  • Now you need to choose a security question from the list and enter security word of the security question in the given box.
  • Enter your income information such as wages, salary and others in their require fields.
  • Now Enter your membership information in the given field in case you are already member with this company other account.
  • Enter your other authorize user name who could access your account as a user.
  • Tick on the agree box. If you agree with the card disclosure.
  • Click on the submit after satisfy with all the terms and conditions.

The confirmation email will be sent at the user email address which they have provided in the step 11 above.

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