Apply For Mypremier Credit Card Protection Online


The first premier bank is the American topped financial provider which not only provides a secure account to its users to monitor their financial activities, but also provides other services which confirm the security of their registered account.

The company offers its valued customers the protection on their card service which is appealing to most of the registered customers. To apply for this service check the steps mentioned below.


There are some easy ways to quickly apply for this program:

  • Visit the webpage to get the protection for your card online.
  • The page will display the features of this service and all the charges which would be applied in this service would be displayed in a long descriptive message. Read all the description carefully, before moving further.
  • Tick in the disclosure statement box to show you agree with the all the benefits and the costs which would be applied in this service.
  • A new page will open which will require some important information for the secure connection of this protection account. You should be aware of all the data which need to be filled in the available fields.
  • The first field requires the account number which relates to your card account on the bank website. This 16 digit account number would be printed on your credit card.
  • Give the last 4 digits of your social security number in the second box. This will be issued to the residents of the United States only.
  • Give your initials in the last box. This is confirmation of your application, that you want to enroll for this protection service on this company account. This will work as a signature on the account. If you are not sure about the details, then read all the description which is printed under this field.
  • Clicking of the “Submit” button will complete this application process.

If you are not satisfied will all the services which are added to the protection of the credit card, then apply within 30 days after the receiving of your first monthly statement from the bank. t will cancel the program and also your payment fee for this service is refundable.

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