Apply For Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card


They are the globally best hospitable company which is under the Black Stone ownership.

To avail various services of the credit card, the members could apply for their membership cards to get the best of their services and enjoy exciting offers.

Steps to Apply for

  • Click on the link
  • As you want to apply for the , so click on that card option which is “Click to Learn More and Apply”.
  • Click on the “Apply Now” to start the apply form. This also requires Annual fee. Make sure that you have read all the terms and conditions of the before applying online.
  • By clicking on the Apply Now, you will reach into the Credit cards application page. It is important to know about the s and its benefits for card holders.
  • Enter your Name, Middle Name which is an option, and Last Name. This information should be valid as your name would be imprinted on the . Select the suffix i-e SR or JR.
  • The Name should be filled to open the next tabs. Fill the address bar with your valid home address. This information should be valid as company officials will contact you for validating the information and under the Federal Law no fake addresses would allow to use for the application of the s.
  • Now enter your City Name, State and Zip Code to unlock the next tab.
  • Enter your telephone number and your used mobile phone in the given box. So that they can contact on your telephone numbers about your application about s.
  • Enter your email address which should be valid. You will get your application confirmation and other information related to the on your registered email address.
  • Enter your date of birth to move further.
  • Now enter your Social Security Number. This requires for the checking the credit history of the members and it would be confidential.
  • Now select the Security question and enter the hint as an answer of your security question. This will protect our account information and in case of password or card recovery.
  • Enter your financial information like Salary or wages in the given box. You should also enter Rental payment or Monthly mortgage value of your asset if any in the required boxes.
  • Select your bank account types i-e Saving, Money Market, Checking from the options given.
  • Now enter your Membership Information if you are currently member of their company otherwise the company will assign you a new membership number for your application.
  • You can give authorization to other users. The authorization means they could access your payment and account information.
  • Click on the checkbox of “ I Agree with Electronic Disclosure”.
  • After reading the terms and conditions applied to your then, click on the “I Agree” checkbox.
  • Click on the Submit button to submit the application of Credit Card.

The card holders could enjoy Gold Status after gaining membership of the credit card.


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