Hilton Honors are the best global company which has chains of hospitable time sharing properties, vacation resorts and hotels in most of the countries.

To give more benefits to their customers, they offer special signature card to their customers.

Steps to Apply for a Card

  • Click on the link
  • As window appears of the Visa Signature Card of Citi Hilton Honors click on the “Apply Now”. This Signature Visa Card has no annual fee. The members should read all the important information about this card as given before move further in the application process.
  • Enter your valid Name, your Middle Name, and your Last Name. The name information should be typed valid as it would be printed on your card. Now choose the suffix which is optional.
  • The Name field should be entered first to access next fields. Enter your address which should be valid as Hilton Citi Cards need for accurate information about their members before issuing them to their members. The Federal Law doesn’t allow the fake or anonymous names on the application of these special bonus cards.
  • Now enter your mobile number or telephone number in the required field. In case of confirmation of your cards, as well as validating process of membership, HH need valid details of members
  • Enter your valid email address for receiving the confirmation emails about your special bonus cards and other offers by Hilton Honors.
  • Choose your correct date of birth from the drop down menu of month, year and date.
  • The members need to enter their Social Security Number as the application would be processed after verification of their history of credit. The information would be private.
  • Create a Security Word for your card membership account which could be 10 characters or numbers. The members would be asked about their Security word as a confirmation from the officials, to keep check, that they are interacting with the right person. So this information should be confidential.
  • Now Enter your financial details as required like Wages or Salary in the given fields. The Monthly Mortgage Value and Rental Payment are also required for the application of the cards.
  • If you are a member of any Hilton Honors special bonus cards, then this field requires your membership information as member number. Enter your member number in the given box, otherwise you will get a new membership number of the Hilton Honors after the issuance of your Signature Visa Card.
  • Enter the authorize user name if you want to give authority to someone to access your account information and payment details.
  • If you tick on the “Electronic Disclosure” checkbox, it means you agree to its terms and conditions.
  • The members need to read all terms and condition applied for the Citi Visa Card and if agreed to tick on the checkbox before the submission.
  • Now click on “Submit” to process your application form for the Hilton Hons Signature Visa Card.

The members should carefully read all the terms and conditions applied on these bonus cards before completing the application form.


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