Antiscalant Impacts Water Restored Its Struggle!


The struggles for the reuse of water on the West Coast are the main priority and it is having Replenishment system in the ground of the Orange County Water District. They are making use of the new technologies of water saving.

It uses the process of osmosis to make the water clean beyond the level and standards of drinking. The clean and purified form of water is used for the recharge of underground aquifers to save from the adding of sea water.

The GWRS procedure works at the recovery of 85 percent to increase the again use of wastewater which they are treating. At the level of high recovery the procedure of RO was having much silica scaling apart from pretreatment strategy. Ammonium Bifluoride is used as the clearer of membrane. Not only it is dangerous chemical but is also damage the elements.

Operating at a high level would resume, it will result in significant savings and a result of less consumption of acids.


AWC then uses the historical feed water data to give a plan for a number of research experiments using synthesized water exchanging what was to be expected in the field. There was some kind of bond between the scale of phosphate and the preparation of silica. Many experiments of lab check the variation had a direct blow and performance.

The pH of various chemicals will be taken, when compared with other products that operated at pH 6.8, will in need of cleaning to get clean and water with the mineral scale control. It is a big achievement.

The CEO of AWC informed that it was a big sense of relief and struggle because all of the struggle was based on the information and the scientific research, that can also be applied to all the other water membranes to take the facility from them.

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