The struggle for the water to use it again on the West Cost are the main choice and having the underground system of Replenishment for the water of the area Orange County by using the latest technologies of conservation of water.

The Ground Water Reuse System use the method of reverse Osmosis to clean the water more than the standard that is required for the drinking of fresh water. For the underground water recharge aquifer the purified water is used and it stops the mixing of seawater as well.

AWC A-110 was provided by the American water chemicals which at first use a number of analytical procedures in the environmental laboratory. It used the already saved data to sort out a method for a number of research experimentation in which they use the synthesized water and replace the things that are not required in it.

A connection was found in the phosphate scale and the formation of silica. A series of laboratory experiments were done to find out the variation between irons remaining and have a direct effect on antiscalant demand and its performance as well.


A comparison between feed water of OCWD and operational history made sure a correlation between the surges in the ferric ion and the events of scaling.

Working at the high level of pH will be able to give useful operational savings for the district and as a final step reduced acid is consumed. These savings will increase according to substance and the limit of RO will be increased to almost 100 MGD

AWC A-110 is now doing its work at the level of pH 6.9 on the whole scale system from almost eight months with giving any signals of scaling or decline of the performance as compared to the products before that were working at the pH level of 6.9 but it was in need of cleaning for the level of control in case of mineral scale which is a great victory.

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