Air Links Needed for Investment to Dundee, As the Global Waterfront Will Not Be Enough


It’s not often that there will be an organization that would claim that a City’s airport and its link to a major Capital city is not important, but it appears that this is the view held by Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce according to a recent survey that has been taken.

It appears that only 40% of the people who answered considered that their business was able to benefit from the services that were provided into Stansted area in London. It hardly seems possible that this is the view of the same service that the waterfront developers are referring to as “vital.”

The results are leaving many surprised and wondering what the problem is if so few business owners value the flights. The answer could lie in one of two reasons. The first is that there were not many who replied, and it was only around 12% but it is more likely to be the fact that the companies involved are by and large small and with just a few employees, may not be trading as far afield as London.

It make sense that while they have a large role to play in the local community, they are aware of the boundaries that they will be working within. It makes sense that a local baker won’t deliver 300 or so miles in the same way a local plumber would not accept a call out that far.


Delving deeper into the survey it seems that there are concerns about the service itself with the main issues being the fact that the flights are irregular and that Stansted is not the ideal end location.

Despite the lack of interest for smaller businesses there are many who feel that the City of London will always be important to Scottish business. They are the ones who can see the big picture, and realise that there is life beyond their own day to day existence.

The good news for the waterfront developers is that 60% of those taking the survey believe that they will benefit from it.

The larger companies need to be able to travel and Scotland needs people to come to them if they want business. The universities will want to know that students can get there easily and how the flights schedule can be improved.

Overall it seems that air links to London are needed and most people are prepared to deal with a few in conveniences in order to keep them.

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