Aconex and Hines Join Together To Work on the Bayside Waterfront In Toronto


News has been received that Aconex has been asked to provide construction management services in relation to the Bayside Waterfront development in Toronto.

It is believed that this is the biggest private sector development that has been undertaken in Toronto and when completed it will have transformed an underused industrial site into a global mixed use community development.

Reports are in that there are going to be 1,800 homes included as well as a large area of retail cultural and office space. The site covers 13 acres and is situated less than a mile away from downtown Toronto and is south of Queens Quay set between Parliament Slip and Sherbourne Common. It is hope that once it is underway it is going to create around 1,400 jobs, and when completed will have cost in the region of $190 million and will eventually be worth $1.6 billion to the Canadian authorities in economic output.

It is believed that the scheme is going to be completed in March 2015 but with three levels of government funding involved, there are fears that there could be some delays. At present this covers the construction of public infrastructure and this part of the scheme is costing in the region of $28 million. Included in this part of the project is a public promenade, the stabilisation of the dock wall, as well as a new street that is going to run down to and then along the water’s edge. It is claimed that the name for this is likely to be Merchants Wharf.


The construction manager at Hines, Mark Potter has explained how the partnerships are working and how the role of the master develop is organized. He said they are both the public agency project manager and private developer, but there are many other groups involved and all need to be kept informed and have the status and information shared with them.

He added that the reason that Hines selected Aconex to work with them on the Bayside Waterfront scheme was an attempt to keep the tendering costs as low as possible and also makes sure that risks were reduced to the minimum.

A cloud solution will be provided by Aconex and it will manage the information and processes followed and have done this in the past for some major construction projects. Hines will have no fear as to the ability of their partner as they have a global customer base containing 9 out of the top 10 construction and engineering firms.

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