Access Wi-Fi And Wireless Internet Of Mcdonalds


To access Wi-Fi of McDonalds you need to have Wi-Fi of 802.11b/g enabled device. Now-a-days all latest laptops are having built in capabilities of Wi-Fi where as in old versions of laptop they may require an isolated card of Wi-Fi which can be easily purchased through electronic retailers. Certified chip with compliance with Wi-Fi wireless LAN IEE 802.11B standard can be used as well. Furthermore you may contact service provider to consult about your device. Besides all these requirements you can connect easily when you are at McDonald’s restaurant, All you need to do is Turn on your laptop, computer or PDA according to availability of device and select “Wayport_Access” from given wireless networks after than open your internet browser it will point a McDonald’s Splash page from where you can hit a button marked as “Connect” to start connection.

Does AT&T Wireless uses Wired Equivalency Protection Encryption for its network?

AT&T wireless does not use or enableWired Equivalency Protection on any of its equipment which is used in networks. This allows you to use no special keys to access AT&T wireless and internet. ATT&T is working with secure Virtual Private Network which is basically used to access maximum security of network.

What is the speed of AT&T wireless or Wi-Fi Service of McDonalds?


AT&T Wireless speed of internet access is more over fifty times greater than standard service of dial up with data transfer rates of 11 MBPS as per wireless access is concentered

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