Access Walmart To Activate Walmart Money Card


Walmart is running a biggest departmental store which allows customers to enjoy its various discount offers along with its credit card. Visa Prepaid card is offered by Walmart which helps customer to make shopping, withdraw cash through ATM or to pay online bills. This card is easy to reload up to certain limit with you can activate it in short time.

What you really need to activate Walmart card?

  • Keep a computer with internet accessibility
  • Keep a Walmart Money Card handy.
  • You need to have social security number handy.

Step by step guides:

  • first of all open website of Walmart Money Card Activation and the URL link for the activation of the Walmart card.
  • it will load another page where you will have to enter information about your card along with last 4 digits of your social security number in given section where it is asked. You will get a button marked as “Next” hit a click on it
  • Confirm your information before completing the process of instruction. you need to follow on screen instructions to finish the process of activation
  • In order to get any information of help regarding Walmart Money cart you need to follow the given link which will take you to web page of help

Now you do not have to keep cash in your pocket because Walmart Money card has replaced the cash in a very effective way.


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