Access To My Premier Credit Card Account


The First Premier bank is the best financial bank, which gives its customers, ease to monitor their financial activities, schedule their billing, payment check, credit manager score checker and others. It is a secure and fast way to get updates about your online bank account. Due to its financial services and attractive card services, the company is now among the top 10 biggest and most profit earned bank list in the world.

Legal Issue

Due to its reputation, the bank also faced many cases against its services. In 2007, the company faced a legal issue against the illegal marketing of the MasterCard and Visa Card in the country. The matter was later resolved when the company paid a higher amount as a charged against the case.

Important to Note


The member should be registered already on the company website. They should have an internet to browse the below mentioned link. Make sure, you remember your login details of this account, so that you have access to the all previous billing and transaction history made through this card to any other store or activity.

Steps to enter

Follow the below steps to access the account:

  • Go to the website link to open the login page.
  • The website will give you the login form which requires all the required information to be sign in.You have to be the registered member of this website to access the account.
  • For non-registered users, first provide all the required information on the form by tapping on “enroll now” tab. This will create a new account on this website.
  • For the registered members, the process is much simpler by giving the registered username in the first box. The username is chosen by the user itself during the registration process. In case, you have forgotten this user Id, get the help through the forget your username option.
  • Click the “Continue” labeled tab to move towards the further steps.

With the accessibility of your account, now you could check your financial activities and other details related to this card account.

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