Access Sears To Make Payments Via Different Cards


Sears is allowing you to create their profile to manage their accounts record online. You can also make payments through credit cards or through mail. To become a member of website card holder needs to enter his personal information along with card information to fulfill the requirements of registration. When you are done with registration Sears Canada gives you access to do online shopping by using various credit cards like best buy, reward visa card, sears master card etc…

How to make Payment via Rewards Visa card

Follow Given steps to make payments through Rewards Visa cards

  • In case you are making payments through mail then make sure that you have enclosed cheque or money order with no cash payments
  • You must include your account number details on front side of money order or cheque with statement of remittance stub in printed form
  • Do not staple or tape the document of remittance stub, cheque or money card.
  • Address on which you have to do mail is P.O Box 4289, StnA Toronto Ontario M5W 5X3.
  • You can Make payments online or Mobile phone banking with your ATM or branch of bank

How to make Paymentsvia Best buy credit card

  • Procedure to make payments through Best buy credit card is similar to Amazon. ca Reward Visa cards.
  • You need to make sure that you are paying off to accurate best buy chase PLCC
  • In case you are paying off via mail then you need to do mail on given address P.O Box 4082, Stn. A, Toronto, Ontario, M5W 2G9
  • Do Confirmation that cheque is payable to best buy chase PLCC.

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