Access Pennsylvania To Claim For Unemployment Benefits


Who are eligible for unemployment benefits?

Eligible members should occupy following terms

  • To become eligible for UN-employment benefits program you must have minimum wages up to requirements with minimum 18 credit weeks of your base year
  • You must be able to accept the suitable work and not to refuse offer of work when it is given.
  • Eligibility criteria can’t be predetermined where as it relies on information that you have provided to file an application for benefits.

How can someone check the status of his initial claim?

If you have filed your claim online you must have an email confirmation which assure that you have successfully filed your claim online. In first week of claim you will be able to get three different mails like Notice of Financial determination, UC Claim confirmation letter and PA UC Handbook.


if you are fail to receive these email you need to download fax cover sheet and fax it to 717-525-5160 you will be shortly contacted by center representative to assist you further about how to check your claim status.

How to cancel claim after opening it? 

You can cancel your claim request anytime. To cancel your claim you need to do a mail or fax a written application to withdraw the process of claim. Application contains the reason for request to center of UC which is responsible for your claim. After cancellation of your claim you can file a new claim anytime when you find it suitable for you.

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