Access Pennsylvania LOTTERY To Claim Your Prize


Pennsylvania LOTTERY will pay Lottery Prize to winner up to $2500 but in case you have won more than six hundred dollar through single ticket then you will have to apply through claim form and forward it to Headquarters of PA Lottery. You can also get original claim form retailer of licensed lottery or you can also fill form of claim online by printing it out and presenting it to your nearest office with your winning ticket.

In case you have won more than $2500 then you will able to get your money prize with in 4 to 6 weeks. whereas those who have won Cash 5, Treasure Hunt with other expensive prizes they would be able to file their claim for lottery prize at head quarter of middle town or any lottery office which is near to your place.

How to claim lottery prize if someone belongs to another State?

Those who are claiming against Power ball, Monopoly millionaire’s club, cash4life and mega millions prizes they can only claim in that state where ticket was sold out where as winner of annuity prizes or jackpot will be able to claim their lottery form in person at headquarters of lottery in middle town.


For those who are out of state and they are winter they can mail their claim to lottery headquarters. For this you need to make a duplicate copy of ticket from both side front and back for your record and send the original ticket to given address. “Pennsylvania Lottery, ATTN: CLAIMS, 1200 Fulling Mill Road, Suite 1 Middletown, PA  17057”


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