Access Oscn.Net Search For Your Case


Oklahoma Children’s court improvement is specially designed for better future of deprived children and their families it also allows courts to deal with major problems in order to improve legal procedures and training system to improve system of court. This program is going to be held on 6-7 October at NCED conference center.


  • You need a PC with internet access
  • Keep your bar code in hand
  • Visit website of OSCN on given URL link


  • Enter official URL of website Oklahoma state court network at
  • Access this link and start your searching process to find you case.
  • Choose the court data base where you have filled your case via drop down menu.
  • After that enter your case number into the search box from you case file online or from your paper documents.
  • Alternatively you can search your application via party search and adding such details.
  • Enter your last name, first name and your middle name in to the respective boxes.
  • Enter your identifying number, born/or after date and born after date into the boxes and keep in mind that you have to enter these details in correct manners from your documents that you have submitted in the court.
  • Next choose the party option, district & lower court party type.
  • After that choose the case type by choosing the drop down menu.
  • After that select the date range by the drop down menu.
  • If you want to search as a lower court case number then choose the case type, year and number
  • You can also search as traffic citation by adding citation number in the online form.
  • Choose the best way and to search the case and click on the “Go” button to get details here.

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