Access Online Paystub Account At Walmart


The employees working for Walmart are known as the Walmart Associates. Company has allowed these associates to get an access to some resources among which pay stubs is one. More resources include information related to benefits and work schedules. As an employee of Walmart you can take such benefits by applying online on the portals known as WalmartOne and MyWalmart. You can avail the access to the resources such as pay stubs by signing up for an account.


Major Requirements for the registration

Being an associate, you need to register for a pay stub account so that the benefits can be obtained. For that registration process, you must a PC with you. You can also use a smartphone or a tablet. Connect it with the internet.

Step by Step Guidance to get Access

  • Open your web browser and type the URL that will take you to the website of the MyWalmart or WalmartOne.
  • After getting into the home page of WalmartOne, you will be able to find the MyWalmart login page
  • At the top of this page, some tabs can be seen for example, storie, News, Community and Company. Select the “Money” tab by clicking on it to reach the pay stubs.
  • A new page will be opened for you and you need to give your user ID along with the password.
  • Now click on the “Register” tab to create your user ID. This will take you to another page. Where some personal information is to be added.
  • Write your DOB, Personal Identification Number, facility number of 4 digits and Walmart ID number that will be of nine digits.
  • If you are unaware of your WIN or PIN, then you can go to the “Register Now” option. The 4 digit PIN can be received through your cell phone.
  • After that, you can click on the “Sign In”.
  • After providing all the necessary information your registration process will be finished and your pay stub account can be accessed easily.

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