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Tech Depot orders treated completely from office depot orders that’s why both are having different policies. Orders of tech depot are taken separately with billed and invoiced information. Mostly all tech orders are shipped through carrier service like UPS or FedEx. There are not fixed rates of shipping whereas shipping charges are calculated on basis of size, weight and value of tech products.

Why is it necessary to change password again?

Office Depot provides you facility to change your password on daily or after ratio of thirty, sixty or ninety days due to security reasons to protect your account from unauthorized access. For this purpose you need to enter your new password twice in mentioned fields to confirm it when its encouraged you to change your password or you can contact office depot account manager to set your password as never expire.

From which source login information can be taken?


You can get your Login Information from your Account Manager or by Super User of your company. In order to change your password contact Electronic Commerce Support Desk to get assistance in changing your password and providing login name. You can visit Electronic Commerce Support from Monday to Friday at 7:00AM to 8:30PM

What is Office Depot’s customer service?

Office depot customer services is a department which is available to help you with your queries related to products, orders, price, delivery, troubleshooting and FAQs. You can get instant help about your online purchases by contacting with customer service representative of Office Depot on Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm via Live Chat or make a call on given number 888.263.3423.

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