Access Office Depot To Make Purchase Online


Office depot is allowing to find all essentials products which are necessary to run your business in more effective way. You can find all those products on website of Office depot and can place an order for them online in a real time inventory system. To place an order read section of guides carefully.


  • You need to have a computer system with internet connectivity
  • Keep your log in details with you
  • Visit website of Office depot


  • Open URL link of office depot to make purchase online.
  • Visit home page and enter your Log in details in relevant section to log in it will redirect you to your profile page where you need to click on “Order By Item #” cited on navigation bar of Shopping tools on left side of web page.
  • Specify the quantity of products which you want to purchase you can add name of your project and company in given comment box to place an official order.
  • Click on button marked as “Add to cart” you will get access to list of items for which you have placed order after reviewing click on button of “Check out” this click will take you to page of check out where you are required to provide all order information such as PO, cost center etc..
  • After providing all details click on button marked as “Put this order on hold” it will take you to details of order including order number, description of items, total cost etc… you need to take a take a print of given page
  • In next step you have to prepare your requisition and fax it to office depot. After approval, on office depot’s website you will take you order hold off and enter a purchase order number to place an order.


Enhance the productivity of your business with office depot.


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