Access Millionaire’s Club Membership Online


The Millionaire Club card is given by the Books A Million company, which deals in the Toys, Books and other important items to its valued customers. The customer could shop the company products through the company website.


To get the company membership, the new customers, should follow the steps, which are given in a proper sequence below:

  • Visit the link To get the web page for the membership services offered by the company to its valued customers.
  • The new link has all the details about the benefits which you would get after applying to the company services. If you are interested after carefully, noticing the information, then follow the steps as mentioned below.
  • Scroll down to the Terms and the Condition field, which contains the rules which are applied to the membership card on this website. Choose the suitable option from the choice given whether you agree or you want benefit of the Automatic renewal services.
  • Click the “Join the Club” button to move towards the next window.
  • Read carefully about the items which are shopped at the company website. The list of all your selected items would be displayed and you could either check or unchecked, this option for the proceedings of this membership process.
  • After checking all the important details of your selected items and the cost which needed to be paid for the services, you should click the “Check Out” button to move further for the card services.
  • The login and the sign up form will be open in the next window. The user who have the account, could precede the service, by entering the login details in the required fields. They should enter the username and the password, which is already signed in the company user account. If the user is new, then they first join the company account with the valid information such as name, Income details, phone numbers and the other information of the user personal information.

The card would be delivered to the user, after the inquiry made by the representatives of the company.


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