Access Mapquest For Finding Gas Prices


The MapQuest is the amazing online mapping website created by AOL, which helps its users to get the location and the best route directions during driving. The application is free and could be used on any device. The website not only navigate its users about the direction, but it also informs about the distance, traffic on the way, lodges, restrooms and restaurants as well as the nearest gas station in the city.

Different Mapping

This service is unique in its own way. It used its own maps to display its results. Unlike Google Map, the website and app are more detailed and simple. It also navigates up to the destination address.

Gas Price App


The gas application by this mapping service is widely used by the million users. The user could get the nearest gas station address on the map. You just need to enter your location and the destination address and it will not only locate the nearest gas station but also it helps to calculate the miles and the distance it will take to reach at the destination. The prices of the gas updated frequently by this service.

Important Instructions

The user should have a computer and an internet.

How to Use

  • Click on the link
  • As the window appears, it will auto detect your location and at your nearest station to check the prices in this calculator.
  • In a search result choose the best option i-e Cheapest or Distance.
  • From the fuel option, choose select the appropriate option from the drop down menu.
  • The map will show the prices at your nearest location on the map.
  • You can also check this service on the gas calculator given above by clicking on it.
  • Now enter your trip distance, miles per gallon and cost per gallon in their require fields. This will help you to calculate the estimate of gas and price you require to cover the distance.

The location will be highlighted with the red pointer on the map. It gives the zoom view to better understand the exact location of the require addressing.

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