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The MapQuest is the best web based mapping service which is also available as the mobile application for all the mobile phones. The AOL has designed this product for the busy parent, retail and dealers who have to travel frequently and want to reach at their destination with frequent stops and want to cover the distance in less time. There are several other interesting features in the services which help to understand the best available services during the long distance.

Mobile App

This mapping service is the best in using on the Android or another Window Phones. With its powerful POS search engines, traffic updates as well as weather updates it helps the user to get the all alerts and notifications on their mobile phones. The user could also designed its route according to their choice by applying almost 25 address in the route planner. It will not only highlight the routes and directions towards the destination, but also helps to estimate the total time taken to complete the trip.

Important Instructions before Use


The user should have a computer or the compatible mobile device where this amazing mobile application could be downloaded. The mobile should have an internet which help to access this mapping service fast. The user could check the latest version of this application from their mobile store.

How to Use

It is free of cost but if you want to download by sending an online link on your mobile device through the official SMS then the messages and the data rates would be applied.

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