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The John Hancock is the United States best retirement plan provider in the country which offers its customers with the variety of best plans after the retirement. With this service, you could get the financial support after the retirement from the company.

Our Services

The company provides its customers with the best financial plans which are much more effective and fast after the retirement. With the online registered account at the company website, the users could check their account balances through their account. As all the billing information and the payment details are sent at the customer’s user account after the certain period of time. They could also check the history of their payments made through their official user account to the other services. The people could check the balance statements in their user account after signing in.

My Personalized Plan


The user could personalize their retirement plans, according to their requirements. The progress of this plan could also easily monitored by the customers. The website could also provide its registered customers the chance to check their rate of return on the plans in which they were registered in time. With this amazing and secure plans customers would get the quarterly statements of their account up to 2 years.


If you want to avail this service online, then you need to register at the company official website. Through the registration process, the customer could get the latest updates, alerts, notifications and news about the latest plans or deal in time at their email address which they provided during the time of registration. Moreover the representatives of the company could contact the customer in case of such new appealing plans which are beneficial for the growth of their investment plans after the retirement. It is the permanent income support system where you don’t need to sell your belongings for the expenses. The registration method is fast and secure with the required information needed to successfully complete the process online.

My Toll- Free Access

With this service, the customer could get the financial updates of its account on their IVR system. They need to register on this official website by contacting to the representatives of the company by call at 1-800-395-1113.

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