Access John Hancock For Save Account Access


John Hancock is the USA based company who is committed in providing the affordable but high quality insurance plans and financial services to their clients

Benefits of the Account

The company registered users could get their claim money or any interest in their save access account. The interest will compound daily and get paid on the monthly basis, which add in the user account. The user will get the checkbooks to write their amount on these checkbooks.

Steps for the Access Account

  • Click on the link
  • Select the company, product from the drop down menu i-e Life Insurance, Mutual Fund etc
  • Under the Send an Email forum enters Title i-e Mr, Mrs and Ms. Enter your First name in the given box which would be your account name on the company website.
  • Enter your last name in the given box. The last name would be your used with your first name of your account.
  • Enter your city in the given box.
  • Select the State from the drop down menu.
  • Now enter your Day Phone number in the given box. This number should be active as company will contact you on this number for the confirmation of your account on their official website as a diverse supplier.
  • Enter your email address in the require field. The email address should be valid, so that you could receive the confirmation email of your account from the officials of the company.
  • Enter your safe access account number in the given box. Your account is your personal account which earns interest or you got your claim money back from the company in this account. This number should contain a 9 digit number.
  • In the box given, you can enter your views or comments about the company services. You can also ask questions about their services in this box. The member needs to fill this box to complete the form.
  • Now slide the arrow to the right to activate the “Submit Form” button below.
  • As you have slide the arrow now, the “Submit Form” button will be active. Click on this button to finish the form.

You can contact customer service team or could send mail on their mail address for further queries. The addresses are given on the company website.

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