Access John Hancock For Diverse Supplier Registration Form


John Hancock the USA company believe in providing best quality financial services and insurance plans to their customers. The company work with the committed and trustworthy suppliers of the United States of America.

If your company wants to do business with the JH as a diverse supplier then you need to register by filling the form as linked given below. The information should be provided complete and accurate for future consideration.

Steps to Register

  • Click on the link
  • Select the John Hancock product from the drop down menu to fill the registration form as a diverse supplier i-e Long-Term Insurance, Mutual Fund, or others.
  • Under the “Send an Email” forum, write your Company Name in the given box which you want to be the partner in business with the JH.
  • Enter your valid company street address1in the given box, so that officials could contact you for future commitments and business.
  • Now enter Street Address 2 if you have any in the given box. This could be the alternate address of your company where JH could contact for further information.
  • Enter your city name where your company is currently working.
  • Choose your current State or Province from the drop-down menu. It indicates the area where your company is residing.
  • Enter your company Zip, or Postal Code in the required box.
  • Enter your official company website URL or online address in the given box if any.
  • Now enter the name of contact who will deal with the John Hancock officials about the business with your company in the Contact Name field.
  • Enter the Contact Title in the required field. This would be the Contact designation in your company.
  • Enter the valid Contact Phone Number in the given field, so that JH could contact them on their valid phone numbers for future business consideration. The number could be mobile or telephone number of that specific contact.
  • Enter the Contact Fax Number in the require field. If your company doesn’t have Fax Numbers then you can leave this box empty.
  • Now enter the Contact valid email address where he/she could get the emails from the John Hancocks officials. Make sure you have entered the valid email address in the given box.
  • Under the Business Ownership Classification, select the Company Legal Entity form the drop down menu which could be the Corporation, Sole Propertiership and others. If your Company entity is not in the list, then you could select Others and enter your company entity in the “Other Legal Entity Box.
  • Now follow the instructions as asked in the next fields to complete the full registration form of diverse suppliers.
  • You need to drag the arrow to the right to activate the “Submit Form” button at the end of the form.
  • Click “submit form” to comply the form.

You would get a confirmation email at the submission of the registration form in your provided email address.


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