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The ebtEdge is the American financial service provider in the United States, the company offers EBT which is Electronic Benefits Transfer. It was adopted by the government electronic system in 2006. For nine years, this company is offering good services to its valued register account users. The register members got issued cards from the company which is according to their benefits package. Eery details and instructions are shared before the user applied for those special package cards from the company.

Spreading World Over

With its immense popularity due to best special account programs and services, this company is successfully spreading all over the country like Columbia, Guam,Puerto and others. The card holders could earn these benefits and transfer all account payments to their Federal account as well as retailer account. The payments could be made through this card services for all the products which they purchased or shopped.

Company Controversies


The controversies of any company could affect the goodwill as well as the reputation of the company. In spite, of their successful financial services and million registered users and card holders, the company faced controversy, the issue in 2007. The customer personal data records on the company private database got leaked by the third party which was a violation of the law at the customer data privacy. Almost more than 2million customer data was copied from the database, which through company reputation at risk. The lawsuit was filed against the company in 2007 by the customers and as a result, the company had lost its customers account at large rate.

Important Instructions

The user should have a computer and an internet to access the account website online. The user should have their card number which is printed on their issued card.

How to Login

  • Click on the link
  • Under the Child Provider login form, enter your user Id and password in the given box. The username would be your login name given by the company at your registered account.
  • Click on the “login” button to access your register account on the website.

The user id of your account will expire after 90 days if you will not use in this time limit. The password of your account will expire after 45 days if you will not use in this time limit.

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