Access Citi And Apply For Vehicle Redemption Form Online


The world largest and most profitable bank holding company Citi Bank,Inc is giving its valued customers, the quality of financial services through their beneficial plans and special bonus cards. The cards contain special reward programs which redeem their points on shopping, traveling or purchasing on the card. All cards hold different kind of reward programs offered by the company to its valued card holders.


  • Click on the link
  • As the window appears, Enter your “Name” in the given field. Enter the valid information in this box as this will print on your card.
  • Now enter your mailing address in the require field. This card will be delivered at your address which you would enter in the given box. So be careful in entering the accurate postal address in the given field.
  • Enter your city name in the given box. This should be your present residential city.
  • Choose the name of your state from the drop down menu.
  • Enter your zip code in the require field.
  • Enter your valid email address in the require field. The email address should be correct for getting the further promotional and exciting plans on your card offered by the company to the valued card holders.
  • Enter your driver edge card number in the require field.
  • Now either choose the option of your redeem amount from the given choices or enter your own amount in the given box as required.
  • Choose the appropriate choice from the options given about your vehicle redeeming.
  • Enter the date of your purchase or lease in the given box.
  • Enter the details of your conveyance like VIN, Manufacturer, Year, Model and the total amount which you have paid for it in their respective boxes.
  • Choose the leasing or dealership bill copy/document from the option given.
  • Read the note as given before the next field.
  • Now add a signature in the given box. The signature should be same as you did in your car membership.
  • Now enter the current date in the require field.
  • Carefully read all the details and the related information mentioned with the fields to complete the application form.
  • Now enter the authorize user detail who could access and use your account. This would be the certify from the user side of the company.
  • Enter name of the authorized user who could access and use as an alternate account or card holder of the company user account in the require field.
  • Enter your relationship with the authorized user in the given field.
  • Now enter again your primary card signature and the date in the require fields.
  • Click on the print form to get the print of this application.

This application form should be posted at the postal address of the company which is given in the form.

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