Access Boost Mobile For Phone Insurance


The Boost Mobile is the wireless service which is used independently by the two company operators which are residing in the United States and the Australia. The company provides its customers or the subscribers, the valued services with the best wireless packages on their prepaid phone service.

Insurance Packages

The customer of the company not only fascinate with the mobile or the wireless services of the company, they could also get the insurance on their phone which has the different plans with the warranty and the accidental recovery charges. The user could get this service on a $7 per month, which includes the warranty of the phone, accidental damage recovery for your phone, stolen phones could be covered in time or you could also get the lost phones recovery from this insurance service.



With the activation of the insurance plan which is offered by the company, the user need not to pay the full price for the new phone, in case, it is stolen or lost by the user. All the damages, either mechanical and the electrical would be easily covered through this insurance service without investing much on such situations.

How It Work

  • The customer, who have this plan for their phone services, could simply register themselves during the online activation process of their phone services. The option should be available within a month from the purchasing day of this wireless service for your phones.
  • The customer could claim for this service within a year period, which starts from the beginning date of their first claiming for the replacement of the phone. You can only claim twice with a maximum charge of $1500 which includes other accessories.
  • Once, the claim is approved, you need to pay amount $20, $50, $100, or $175 which is dependent on the phone services, which you applied from the company packages.
  • The user could also get the refundable charges, in case, they cancelled the billing amount of the month.
  • The service is much easier and convenient, It provides quick customer support to their subscribers.

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