Access BOA Merrill Lynch Home Loan Services


The Merrill Lynch company is a financial provider in the United States, which has plenty of offers for the customers and the card holders which are also a registered member of the website.

Mortgage Facility

When the customer applies for the mortgage facility of the company, they could get access to their online tools 24/7. The process is simple and provide the full access to the customers. The company sole purpose is to offer their valued customers, the best financial plans like loans or mortgage services to ease their lives.

Electronic Delivery and Signature


This is available for the applicants who applied for the loans. If the applicant agrees to apply for this service, they could access easily. They need to sign the many documents of the loans online as an electronic signature to earn maximum benefits of the sign up.

Benefits of E-system

With the e-delivery and the e-signature system the customer could avail the following benefits of this service.

  • They would not wait for the delivery as it will be receiving the documents of the loan services before time.
  • There is no trouble of the paper statements. Through this service, the process is efficient and would acquire few paper documents which could easily be managed.
  • The website is password protected so the customer account would be secure and give privacy to their data.
  • The process is convenient at the user end. They just need to visit the online website and could access all the information anytime and from anywhere.

Loan Application Status

The user who needs this application should have a registered account on the website whose link is given on the company website. The service is available for the more than one applicant who are willing to apply for the loans. The registered account will provide all the updates of this service to the user at this registered address on the company website.

Mortgage Loans

For such loans, either you need to visit the website of the Bank of America or could contact the service provider or PHH mortgage provided on the website as given on the page.

 Features of ML account

  • You could review the payment information of your account.
  • Check the payments and the balances of your account.
  • Transaction history of your financial activity.
  • Tax Statements and the interest statements which are received at the end of the year.
  • PMI removal information.
  • Schedule the payments which would be paid directly from your bank account.

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