Access Best Buy For Buying Laptop


The Best Buy is the American best retail store which offers its customers with a variety of electronics, laptops, cell phones and others in at affordable rates. The customer could ship their online order by providing require details of their account.

Here are simple and easy steps to purchase this product:


  • Click on the link to access the official website.
  • As the window appears, you could see the list of laptops which could be bought from this retail store.
  • You have two options through which you could select the product from the list i-e By Operating System and by Brand Name.
  • If you want to purchase this gadget by O.S then, under the Shop by Operating System, you could check the list of the operating system which used in this product.
  • Choose your desired operating system of this product from the list as given. i-e Windows, OS, Mac. These choices are mentioned at the link with the other descriptions printed under each product.
  • If you want to purchase this gadget by brand name, then, skip the step 4 and step 5 and under the shop, by brand bar, there is a list of the different products, related to the specific name brands.
  • Choose your favorite brand of this product from the list as given i-e Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba and others.
  • After the step 5 or step 7, now the new window will appear, with the selection and more feature information on your product.
  • Choose the best available options or features of this product according to your choice from the available list of the items.
  • Click on the “Add to cart” button to start the buying process on this website.
  • The new window will appears, with more features of the same product. It could offer protection or security warranty with your selected purchase of the product. Click on the “add to cart” if you agree to purchase this extra feature as mentioned. If you are not interested then simply click on the” No, Thanks,Go to Cart” option available at the end of the window.
  • Now the next window, requires your Zip code for the estimation of your shipping cost, arrival date and tax applied on this selected product. The zip code is your area code where you need to receive your online shopping delivery.
  • Click on the GO button to complete the process of estimation.
  • Click on the “store” button to select your favorite store where you could find this order.
  • Complete all the details as required for the shipment of your purchased product online. This will give you a total estimate of whole product purchases to the delivery at your doorstep.
  • Click on the “checkout” button to book your order and move towards the payment process.
  • If you are a registered member of this website, then provide your sign in information such as registered email address and password to access the account. Click sign in to open the user account.
  • Follow the instructions as given to complete the whole purchasing process online.

If you are not a registered member, then click on the “create account” button to start your registration on this website.


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