Access Bank Of America To Manage Credit Card Debts


Bank of America is providing you an opportunity to calculate how much time it will take you to pay your debt either by minimum monthly payment or through affordable payments. You just need to provide information related to your payments and rate of interest and you will get results.


  • You must have a computer system with internet
  • Visit official website of Bank of America


  • You need to visit official website of bank of America to manage your credit card debt. Here is link of website
  • Scroll the window and click on button of “Get started” located on left side of page. It will redirect you to another page. Under the section of simple calculator click on button marked “Get started”.
  • Click on button “I agree” to ensure that you are agree with terms and conditions of bank. It will take you to calculator where you are required to enter your current balance in given field.
  • Enter total amount which you can afford to pay on monthly basis in mentioned field along with interest rate.
  • After providing all these details click on button marked “Calculate” This click will take you to another page where you will graphical and textual view of your payments.
  • Through arrow of selector you can modify payment along with interest to check out variation in results.
  • For more comprehensive calculation click on hyper link of “Advance Calculator” located at the bottom else click on button of “Previous” to shift your control on previous pages.

Now you can manage your debt payoff easily through calculator provided on website of Bank of America. Visit today to calculate accurate amount.


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