Access AT&T To Authenticate Payments


AT&T is letting you to make payments online through different modes, you can select any mode of payment. Once you would be done with process of payments you can authenticate your payments as well through AT&T website account.


  • He or she must have a Computer and internet connection.
  • He or she needs to visit official website of myAT&T

How to authenticate that payment has been received?

 To verify payments you must keep few hints in your mind.

  • In case payment of bill received after due date then it will not display on upcoming bill.
  • Your online payments are posted instantly to AT&T account but it will not display payment for moreover 2 business days.
  • To confirm payment you are required to check status of your current payments or coordinate with bank.

How recent payments can be viewed with computer?

  • You need to sign in with your MYAT&T registered account and in case you are not having any account you need to register first to become a part of it.
  • hover over the mouse on option of “Billing”, “Usage” and“Payments” situated at the top of window and select “Payment Activity”
  • This click will take you to get your last payment which has been received.

 How previous payments can be viewed?

  • Firstly, you have to Login to myAT&T registered account through its website.
  • Hit the click on Menu button and click on“Billing & payments”
  • According to format of MM, DD, YY and complete amount, you have to find your previous payment.

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